Mejsen’s Knox- “Knox”  
Date of Birth: 9-25-22
Sire- Kromipower’s A Perfect Time “Noa”
Dam- Mejsen’s Itizibitzi

Knox arrived in the USA in November of 2022 from Denmark. I waited three years for this puppy and he has been worth the wait. Sharon Loree and I share the vision of preserving this amazing breed and so we co-own Knox.

Sharon travelled to Denmark and met with breeder Gitte Mejsen. Gitte has a wealth of knowledge and has been so kind in helping Sharon and I establish a bloodline of Kromfohrlanders with exceptional temperaments, DNA & OFA tested health clearances and structurally sound bodies.

Knox started in the conformation ring at six months old and has thus far earned 6 BOB, 2 Group 3 and 2 Group 4 placements. Knox is very friendly, loving all dogs and people. He is adventurous, outgoing and simply loves life. We at DragonFly Hollow have great hope for this youngster, but right now we are just enjoying watching him grow. Knox is also training for dock diving.


Nalgards Uncle Sam- “Tate”                                   
Date of Birth: 12-13-2022
Sire- Krumme Furche Poirot
Dam- Dreamwishes Tjorven

Tate arrived in the United States in February 2023. This time the puppy pickup team consisted of Sharon & Kendall Loree. Breeder Lena Nalgard entrusted me with Tate and has been instrumental in helping the US breeders raise the bar in producing quality Kromfohrlanders. Tate was born in Sweden. Tate is a very chill puppy with a very charming personality. He is thoughtful and relaxed, but like Knox, he has never met a stranger.

Tate was shown in the conformation ring at 6 months old and handled himself like a seasoned pro. He has a lovely smooth gait, wonderful structure and dark dreamy eyes. He plays nicely with all of our dogs and is super friendly. He enjoys the conformation ring and a BOB in his first showing, but his favorite activity is cuddling and giving kisses. Tate is training in dock diving and will be competing soon.