I am so fortunate here at DragonFly Hollow Kromfohrlanders to be associated with some of the finest male Kromfohrlanders in the world. To be trusted with the care, reputation and future of these amazing dogs is a responsibility & an honor that I do not take lightly. I am deeply indebted to these owners and hope that DragonFly Hollow Kromfohrlanders will always make you proud.


Birkenstrand’s Mai Kai Big Bamboo
NAJ – Novice Jumpers With Weaves
BN – Beginner Novice
NA – Novice Agility
SCN – Scent Work Container Novice
CGC – Canine Good Citizen
TKN – Novice Trick Dog

The first Kromfohrlander I ever fell in love with and knew at first sight that I wanted a puppy from him. I met Boo the year Emme was born. In April 2021, Boo and Emme had the most amazing litter. Now 2 ½ years old, their puppies have titled in conformation, dock diving, scent work and more. Some are training in agility, frisbee and fly ball.

Boo was a handsome boy with rich dark ginger markings, amazing structure and a personality that lit up a room. He and Emme were the best of friends. Unfortunately Boo died in a tragic accident in 2022 leaving his beloved owner, Emme and all of his fans heartbroken. Boo’s legacy will live on in his amazing offspring and he will never be forgotten.


Kromiwonder Adorable Pride
Date of Birth: 03-12-2016
Semen collection for artificial insemination (AI)

Color/Coat: White and Red/Wire-medium
ID Number: SE21402/2016
DNA Number: 52098100780162
Health Clearances: HK-carrier, hips; back; elbows; patella without remarks

NORD CH – Nordic Champion
SE W 2019 – Swedish Winner 2019
SE VCH – Swedish Blood Tracking Champion
RLD M – Swedish Rally Obedience Diploma (master)
Lydnad Startklass – LD Startklass
FI CH – Finnish Conformation Champion
NO CH – Norwegian Conformation Champion

Axel has an outstanding personality and temperament. A talented and handsome dog that I am honored to have contribute to DragonFly Hollow Kromfohrlanders.