Every Family Has a Story

Welcome to Ours

My infatuation with the Kromfohrlander began in 2018 at a Richmond, Virginia dog show. What started out as a shopping trip with friends, ended in my new dog addiction. I spotted a small group of dogs clustered together across the show hall. I didn’t know the breed, how odd! So of course, I abandoned my friends to speak with the humans of this group. I met the nicest group of people, learned much in a few minutes, and totally fell in love with the Kromfohrlander! I also met the sire to my future first litter and picked the breed winner for that day. I chose Birkenstrand’s Mai Kia Big Bamboo (BOO) to win as he really caught my eye. Personality, confidence, and great conformation, plus I got to meet his owner Mira Hill Jones. An all-around great day!

My background was working Border Collies and I had learned a lot about pedigrees, DNA testing, conformation, temperament testing, and how to raise well-adjusted puppies and how to place them in proper homes. Border Collies and sheep herding will always be a part of my life, but my passion is preservation. I have owned and raised Irish Dexter cattle, but the Kromfohrlander and its preservation has become my passion.

My first Kromfohrlander arrived in that same year, 2018. Birkenstrand’s Xanadu (Emme) came to Virginia and stole my heart. Emme is a dream dog. Funny, confident, beautiful, and loyal. This girl has never met a stranger! OFA excellent, DNA clear, BAER tested and bred to the aforementioned Boo in 2021. I had the extreme privilege of raising my first litter of Kromfohrlanders in April 2021. I truly love raising puppies! Watching them develop and experience the world is the most amazing thing. Preparing them to face the world and all of its challenges is something I take very seriously. I have a game plan of surfaces, noises, puzzles, problem solving tasks, and games for them to experience. I am fortunate to live on a farm with many different farm animals and the puppies see them all! But the greatest joy is seeing your puppies meet their new families and flourish in their new lives. DragonFly Hollow is a family of dogs and humans. My puppy owners become family and family helps one another. I try to be available to my new family members at all times. A resource of helpful information, an ear to hear concerns, a shoulder to lean on when needed, and a cheering section for all those victories great & small. I truly love all my puppies and their wonderful humans. I am so blessed.

I am hoping for a successful breeding of my other female, Birkenstrand’s One Particular Harbour (Ginger) this fall. Ginger is a happy, healthy, DNA clear girl with the best personality. I have several breedings planned for the future and feel so happy about our journey.

I am an admitted stalker of dogs and pedigrees. This stalking occurs overseas also as I lurk on sites around the world in search of new bloodlines. Temperament, health and good conformation are the cornerstones of my breeding program and I am a firm believer that you breed only to better the breed. I am committed to the continued success of the Kromfohrlander and in helping others with this amazing breed.

I am honored to be a Board Member At Large of the Kromfohrlander Club of America and to be chosen as our clubs Liaison to International Kromfohrlander Clubs. It is an exciting time as our breed grows and DragonFly Hollow grows and flourishes.

I have always said that my dogs give me unconditional love, but they also introduce me to the best people and my closest friends. People always ask, “what are Kromfohrlanders bred for” and the answer is … love.